The Southern Cross Stunts Trophy

Latest Times

DUP 1:38.55 15-11
SBR 1:37.85 15-11
MLR 1:36.70 15-11
SBR 1:38.00 15-11
ABU 1:39.45 15-11

The last race was held on the Cydonia track (get it!), raced with the Porsche March Indy car and ended at:

15-Nov-2009 20:00 (GMT-3)

About / FAQ

Last update: 10-07-2009

(Note that the FAQ concerns the 2009 edition of the contest, and thus is in dire need of an update. Nevertheless, the answers about how to run Stunts and where to find the community are still fully relevant.)

So, what exactly is this all about?

This site hosts a competition of the classic racing game Stunts. Chances are that you already met it at some point if you reached this site. In case you did not, let us just say that Stunts is a quite simple game, but one that prizes its players’ creativity by giving them freedom to design their own tracks and race them as they will, and that allowed it to keep its charm untarnished for almost two decades. Furthermore, Stunts allows players to exchange tracks and replays quite easily, thus making hotlap competitions like this one possible. You can find a lot more information about Stunts by browsing the ever-growing Stunts Wiki.

C’mon, competitions of a 23-year old game? Surely you must be kidding!

I kid you not - after all these years there is a stable, active community of Stunts players involved in tournaments, modding and other stuff, and it serves as evidence on how great a game Stunts is. You can reach all competitions by the Stunts Portal - some of them are active, others may be on a mid-season break. But for the moment let us stick to the one hosted on this site… ;)

Okay, you convinced me. What do I need to join this competition?

It is really simple :) What you need to do is:

That’s it - no registration approval, no bureaucracy, nothing. The only thing I ask you is to, when sending your first replay, tell me by which (nick)name you’d like to be called on the scoreboard, as well as the country you come from (just for the records).

Any rules I should be specially aware of?

You can find a painfully detailed explanation of all competition rules at the rules page. In a nutshell, the main things you need to be aware of are:

Again, the rules are fully explained on the rules page, so you should read it at least once to avoid any sort of problems. One final thing that should be mentioned is that you are allowed to pause or rewind your replay, as there is no easy way of proving it was not done. See the Wiki article on Replay Handling for further details.

I would love to join this competition, but I can’t get Stunts to run on my machine… :(

As the years go by, it becomes less and less common to have access to a true DOS environment on which to run old games such as Stunts. But fear not - DOSBox is a convenient DOS-system emulator that allows to run Stunts flawlessly under XP, Vista, Linux and other systems. You can find tips on how to setup DOSBox for Stunts on the DOSBox Wiki article.

The competition is really nice, but I would like to interact with the racers and the people involved…

Don’t be shy then: visit the Stunts Forum, register there and start posting! :) For specific discussions on this tournament, there is a subforum there.

Hakyll is an awesome Haskell library for generating static sites. I use it to build the site. If you are curious, you can read the source of the main generator program.

Just one more question: who is behind this competition?

OK, please allow me to introduce myself… I am Daniel Mlot, more widely known as Duplode, a Brazilian Stunts racer and manager of this competition. You may contact me using the competition mail address (; replace _AT_ with @), or you can find me and leave a message at the Stunts Forum (this is my profile there). And of course, no tournament would be possible without the support of the wonderful Stunts community spread around the globe. Thanks folks ;)

Thank you for visiting. See you on the scoreboard!