The Southern Cross Stunts Trophy

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DUP 1:38.55 15-11
SBR 1:37.85 15-11
MLR 1:36.70 15-11
SBR 1:38.00 15-11
ABU 1:39.45 15-11

The last race was held on the Cydonia track (get it!), raced with the Porsche March Indy car and ended at:

15-Nov-2009 20:00 (GMT-3)

Competition rules

Last update: 29-08-2009.


Below you can find the competition rules fully described. Hopefully this document will solve most of the doubts and potential conflicts which may arise during the tournament. The key points to be aware of are:

Your replays, as well as any queries about these rules, should be sent to (replace _AT_ with @) .

Rules demo video

In order to make the no-shortcuts restrictions explained on the driving rules clearer, a video demo is now available.

Keep in mind that the video only illustrates the most common situations, and the official reference for decision making still is the full rule set as presented below. If you wish to explore the demo lap further, download its replay file.

Round structure and organization

A.1 The competition is composed of five three-week rounds, each with an assigned track and car.

A.2 By default, each round is set to begin at Sunday 20:00PM GMT-3 of the first week of the round and ends at 20:00PM GMT-3 of the Sunday three weeks after (the latter time will be from now on termed the “deadline”). Racers can submit their laps on the track of the round during this interval of 21 days on each race. After the deadline of one race, it is assumed that the following round of the competition begins immediately.

A.2.1 The track in which the race is to be held and the car of the race are to be published no later than 48 hours after the assumed start of the round as defined by A.2. If the manager is unable to make this provision effective, the race deadline will be postponed in relation to A.2, so that the race still lasts for approximately three weeks.

A.2.2 Once the track of the round and the car are published, they cannot be modified.

A.2.3 The exact date and time of the deadline are to be confirmed by the manager by the publication of the track for the round. If exceptional circumstances force the manager to modify the deadline after the race is already underway, the modification is to be publically announced through the competition homepage at least one week before both the former and the modified deadline.

A.3 Participation in the rounds is open to all interested racers in any point of the championship.

Replay-making rules

B.1 Competition replays must be performed using the version 1.1 of Stunts, published by Broderbund.

B.2 A competition replay valid for a certain round must be performed on the assigned racing track. No modifications on the track are allowed.

B.3 Similarly, replays must be performed with the assigned car for the round. Any modifications on the car are strictly forbidden.

B.4 A replay will only be considered valid if the car crosses the start/finish line wholly and, immediately after that, the game accepts the lap as finished, automatically executing the normal end-of-replay commands (slowing down the car and going to the evaluation/high scores screen).

B.4.1 Once the start/finish line is crossed in accordance to B.4, the racer must not press “ESC” in order to shorten the replay finishing sequence.

B.5 Violation of any of the rules B.1 to B.4 in a lap will imply on said lap’s invalidity.

Driving rules

C.1 The “track proper”, for this ruleset purposes, is defined as consisting of:

C.1.1 The upper face of the paved surface in all kinds of roads and bridges, as visually delimited by the game;

C.1.2 Corner rumblestips;

C.1.3 Track delimiters in hill slope roads;

C.1.4 Tunnel roofs (only the part directly above the asphalt);

C.1.5 The drivable inner surface of loops, pipes and other round stunts elements;

C.1.5 The open space that would be occupied by an elevated road between any two ramps facing each other and separated by one empty tile.

C.2 During a lap, racers must keep at least two wheels on or over the track proper.

C.2.1 Verification of the C.2 rule will be performed using the F3 view directly overhead of the car.

C.2.2 A wheel being partially on or over the track proper, as verified using the viewpoint defined in C.2.1, is enough for the wheel in question to satisfy the requests of C.2

C.2.3 As an exception to C.2, it is allowed to jump over the grass strip of highway tiles. Driving on the grass strip without having two wheels on or over the paved surface, however, is not allowed under any circumstances.

C.3 Loops, left-right and up-down corkscrews need to be looped properly, that is, driven though a trajectory approximately parallel to the lane-delimiting yellow line that goes across them.

C.3.1 For corks l/r, C.3 is equivalent to: the car must enter the element by the right side of the central barrier, be upside down at some point of its trajectory and leave the element by the left side of the central barrier.

C.3.2 For loops, C.3 is equivalent to: the car must be upside down at some point of its trajectory.

C.3.3 For corks u/d, C.3 is equivalent to: the car must not cross over the walls of the cork at any point of its trajectory. Added on 04-08-2009

C.4 Exploiting collision bugs in which the car crosses from one side to another of a solid object is forbidden in all circumstances. In particular, that applies to slalom blocks and bridge walls.

C.5 Exploiting collision bugs in which the car coasts partly or wholly along the outer face of a ramp, bridge or cork up/down wall is forbidden in all circumstances.

C.6 Switching directions at points where the track crosses itself or driving in the wrong way in any section of the track is forbidden.

C.7 Violation of any of the rules from C.2 to C.6 in a lap will imply on said lap’s invalidity.

C.8 The right of making amendments to the rules C.1 to C.6 for specific short sections of tracks is reserved to the competition manager. Any such ammendments must be announced and clearly explained alongside with the track publication.

Replay-sending rules

D.1 Once a competition lap is finished the racer must save the resulting replay and send the resulting *.RPL file to the competition manager.

D.1.1 The competition manager mail address is (replace _AT_ with @) .

D.2 Replays and high scores must be sent to the manager within the race deadline, as verified by the time registered for the sending of the e-mail as reported at the manager’s mailbox.

D.3 Failure to follow the instructions on rules D.1 and D.2 imply on the disconsideration of the submitted lap.

Race and overall classification

E.1 Racers will be classified on the race according to the time of his/hers valid replay with the shortest time submitted within the intervals expressed on the rule D.2, shortest times being ranked higher.

E.1.1 In case two or more racers reach equal times, all of them will be ranked at the same position, which will be the position just below the immediately faster racer on the classification. Any racers below the drawn competitors are classified disregarding the occurrence of the precedent draw.

E.2 According to the race classification defined by application of E.1, racers will be assigned points on each race on the following way: racers classified from first to eight receive 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point, respectively.

E.3 Whenever a racer sends a lap which happens to be the fastest recieved by the manager at the current race, the racer is said to be the current race leader, a status which is retained until either a different racer submits a faster lap or the race deadline is reached. The leading time count for a racer is defined as the time interval in hours, rounded down, that the racer spent as race leader during a single race.

E.3.1 The accounting of the leading time count is based on the mail sending times defined in D.2.

E.4 In addition to the points assigned by E.2, the racer with the highest leading time count in each race will recieve an additional point.

E.4.1 If two racers reach the same leading time count, the additional point will be given to the one who reached his final count earlier in the race.

E.5 By the end of the season, all participating racers will be classified according to their overall performance during the championship. The criteria to be used in such classification are, in order of decreasing priority:

E.5.1 Sum of points attained in all races, calculated in accordance to E.2 and E.4;

E.5.2 Number of victories. If the number of victories is equal, the number of second places is to be used instead, and so on;

E.5.3 Head-to-head record between drawn racers. This criteria will be implemented as a parallel point system involving only drawn racers and only the races in which all of them took part. On this system, the worst classified driver on each race will receive one point, the second worst, two, and so on;

E.5.4 If the listed criteria cannot resolve a draw in the overall classification, drawn racers are awarded the same position, in analogy to E.1.1.

E.6 The racer ranked highest on the overall classification at the end of the season will be awarded the titles of “Alpha Crux Racer” and “Winner of The Innaugural Southern Cross Stunts Trophy”.

E.6.1 In accordance to E.3.4, titles may be shared if draws for the involved positions cannot be resolved.

E.7 Racers may optionally join the competition as part of a team. Any team with at least two racers included on the overall classification will be included in the team classfication as well. Once a racer is part of a team, his/hers race results will be attributed to said team for the purposes of the team classification.

E.7.1 Teams with only one active racer will be included in the team classification as well as long as there are at least two active racers of the team in any current season of a Stunts competition.

E.7.2 For the purposes of the team classification, a racer may join or leave a team during the season. If such situations make him/her to be in more than one team within the duration of a race, the result attained in the race will be attributed to the earliest team he/she was a member of.

E.7.3 Team-less racers must join a team within 72 hours of the current race deadline for the result of the current race to be attributed to his/hers new team.

E.8 In every race, the teams will recieve points as follows: The two better classified racers (according to E.1) whose results are attributed to the team will have the points attained by rule E.2 only added to his/hers team tally. The sum of attained points will be used to rank the teams on the team classification.

E.8.1 No draw resolution procedures are defined for the team classification.

E.9 The team ranked highest on the overall classification at the end of the season will be awarded the title of “Winner of The Innaugural Southern Cross Team Award”.

E.9.1 The Team Awards will be shared if there are draws for the first place.