The Southern Cross Stunts Trophy

Latest Times

DUP 1:38.55 15-11
SBR 1:37.85 15-11
MLR 1:36.70 15-11
SBR 1:38.00 15-11
ABU 1:39.45 15-11

The last race was held on the Cydonia track (get it!), raced with the Porsche March Indy car and ended at:

15-Nov-2009 20:00 (GMT-3)

Mods and files

Here are links to custom cars, Stunts mods and other files of interest. Some of these are links to external download pages; these are highlighted with a wine background.

File Version Author Description
Stunts Broderbund 1.1 DSI Inc. ZakStunts distributes the de facto standard version of Stunts for competitions, with a few cars and add-ons bundled. A number of other tools can be found in their downloads page.
4D Sports Driving (1991 release) Mindscape 1.1 (Feb 25 1991) DSI Inc. The once thought lost 1991 version of 4D Driving, brought to light thanks to Marco and GTAMan15. The differences with respect to the better known versions haven’t been fully documented yet, so it is quite possible you’ll find something new by giving it a spin!
DOSBox 0.74 (as of 2011-03-08) DOSBox Team The emulator which makes it possible to run Stunts on modern systems. Guides on DOSBox configuration can be found through this Stunts Wiki article.
stressed 0.2.1 (as of 2013-01-26) dstien The modding tool for Stunts, which made most of the mods here possible. The link leads to the Windows binary; the sources can be found at GitHub.
StuntsCarSwapper 0.1; r. 1 Duplode This program allows for easily moving Stunts car files from your game folder to a backup directory and restoring then when desired. Useful for controlling clutter in the car selection menu or for working around the 32-car limit. Note: the program runs on Java. In case you don’t have it installed on your computer, go here and look for “Download JRE”.
JRPLInfo 0.1; r. 1 Duplode A new take on the replay information viewer theme. To the usual RPLInfo feature set, JRPLInfo adds directory browsing, extensible car information tables, penalty time and car bonus corrections and basic support for scoreboard and .HIG generation. The link provides the Java “executable”; a source-only package is also available.
repldump 2013-02-10 release dstien A restunts-powered tool for exporting game state data generated from a replay. Usage notes will be added in due course; meanwhile, see the relevant forum post.
Bliss 2.5.4 Cas An external track editor with a focus on user-friendliness, Bliss is the first serious alternative to the venerable TrackBlaster in a long while. This package includes Windows, Linux and DOS versions. Formerly known as Cas-Stunts. If you need help with running or using Bliss, head over to its forum topic.

Custom cars

To install any of these, unpack all of the files into your Stunts folder. More detailed instructions may be available in bundled readme files. Note: These cars were designed for version 1.1 of Stunts, and most of them won’t work properly under Stunts 1.0 or 4D 1.0 . You can check your game version by going to the Options menu; if you don’t have Stunts 1.1 you can get it from ZakStunts (a link to ZakStunts downloads page is provided above).

File Version Author Status Description
LWT-ZR1 GT3 Mark II Rev. 2 Duplode Final Known as GT3 for short, it bridges the gap between IMSA race cars and high-end road cars such as the GTO.
Nissan Skyline R32 GTR 1.1 Duplode Official The legendary Skyline, modeled from real-world data. This is the version distributed by ZakStunts between 2010 and 2012.
Ford Ranger 1.6.1 cody Official A tuned ’88 Ford Ranger. This is the version distributed by ZakStunts in 2009 and 2010.
Speedgate XSD Rev. 3 Mark L. Rivers Official Mark’s masterpiece. This racing beast is as amazing to handle as the so-called “cheat cars”; unlike most of them, however, it requires refined technique to be taken to its limit. This version is the same distributed by ZakStunts from 2009 to 2012.
Melange XGT-88 ’13 edition Alan Rotoi Official Alan’s much-loved machine is a timeless classic with a long and proud history in prestigious contests. It is an IMSA racer with more than a few twists to spice it up. This version is the same one distributed by ZakStunts; it includes the updated graphics by CTG.
Xylocaine XF Rev. 1 Crazy Jimmy Official A distinctively tuned sports car. Very pleasant to drive, too.
Superkart 1.1 Overdrijf Official A cute, buzzing and very agile kart. Perfect for a bash with your friends.
Toyota Corolla AE92 GTi Rev. 1 Zapper Official For people looking for something more down to earth. Exquistely modelled from actual performance data by Zapper, author of the venerable “Tuned For Real” modpack.
Toyota Sprinter Trueno Rev. 1 Zapper Beta One for the street racers, drifters and the rest of the NFSU crew.
Lotus Esprit Turbo SE Rev. 1 Zapper Official Remember Test Drive II? What about the Lotus Challenges? So… why not Stunts as well? :)
Ferrari F40 1.0 Zapper Official About time something was done about the misleading image in the replay control bar!
Porsche 911 Turbo (964 3.3) Rev. 1 Zapper Official Zapper’s 911 Turbo from the “Tuned For Real” package, now with a proper visual identity.
McLaren MP4/4 1.0 Zapper Official No introduction necessary, I guess…!
Ikarus 260 Rev. 2 CTG Beta The first of CTG’s cars to be released is actually a bus! Complaints about reckless driving should be directed to your local transit authority.
DTM pack (BMW M3 E30 +
Mercedes-Benz 190 E + Audi V8 Quattro)
1.1 Overdrijf Official A set of three DTM cars, each with its very own handling flavour.

Miscellaneous mods

To install any of these, backup the original files (if existing) and put the files into your Stunts folder overwriting if needed. Note that for .3SH or .VSH graphics files you will need to move away any .P3S or .PVS files sharing the file name from the Stunts folder so that the new files are loaded.

File Version Author Status Description
Alternate Indy paintjobs
1.0 Duplode Final An alternate colour set for the Porsche March Indy, including the unused original colours and some new schemes. Using this will not compromise your competiton replays in any way.