The Southern Cross Stunts Trophy

Latest Times

DUP 1:38.55 15-11
SBR 1:37.85 15-11
MLR 1:36.70 15-11
SBR 1:38.00 15-11
ABU 1:39.45 15-11

The last race was held on the Cydonia track (get it!), raced with the Porsche March Indy car and ended at:

15-Nov-2009 20:00 (GMT-3)


This site is dedicated to the greatest racing game ever: Stunts. Here you can find a range of mods for Stunts, some useful info and a sometimes active competition. Now, get down to the track and fasten your seatbelt!


2016-09-14 00:45 The stressed binary download link now works again.

2016-08-04 15:30 Cas-Stunts, Cas’ user-friendly external track editor, is now available from mods and files. Additionally, the Stressed entry was updated to reflect its move to GitHub.

2013-09-22 14:20 repldump, dstien’s tool for game state data extraction, is now available from mods and files.

2013-08-10 03:00 Two very minor updates were done to the Ikarus 260 and the Speedgate XSD in the car gallery. The issues fixed only matter when trying to open their CAR*.RES files with modding tools; thus you may choose not to bother. As far as Stunts proper is concerned, the cars behave exactly as they used to.

2013-08-02 03:45 CTG’s Ikarus 260, the first-ever Stunts bus, is now part of our selection of custom vehicles.

2013-01-27 20:00 Southern Cross is back with a vengeance! After more than a year without upadates, it was about time for a shakeup. Changes include:

The most important thing, however, is that this is only the beginning! With the groundwork done, we are ready for a very lively 2013 at Southern Cross, so watch this space ;)